Beijing Olympics

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

Yes friends. The 2008 Beijing Olympics, which we so eagerly awaited, are finally here. I had the privilege of watching the Olympic opening ceremony live via satellite. It was a wonderful experience. Of course, I planned ahead. When I wake up at 4:15 every day to go on a bike ride, I had no problem waking up this morning at the same time to turn on the TV and watch the ceremony in its entirety.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

I was a little nervous, I must admit, as this is the first time that China is hosting this kind of event and all the unfortunate problems that have preceded these amazing games. So I crossed my fingers and wished everything went well and everything really did, was just incredibly beautiful and filled with an energetic and peaceful spirit. I loved the way the Chinese people educated us and that showed us what they are proud of and show us a bit of many many things that they have invented in the past, among them paper, papyri, Indian ink, the ability to to print, draw, their exquisite music and the breathtaking way of expressing their culture through their writing and drawing on papyri.

Sarah Brightman’s voice, which we could hear, was just another gift that the Chinese people gave us today. I’m glad they chose her to sing at the opening ceremony because she’s a strong promoter of world peace and, of course, because her voice is simply English. Liu Huan sang with her and both were just perfect together.

Then began the parade of athletes. Athletes from Africa, Great Britain, France, Russia, China, USA, Canada, Latin America. In all, 205 countries sent athletes to these Olympics, promising to be spectacular.

Beijing opening night lures 15 percent of world

But how to write this article and not comment on the amazing way the Olympic flame was passed on until the giant Olympic flame kettle was finally lit by Li Ning, former Chinese Olympic gymnast.

Ah, what a wonderful morning I had today and I have to thank the Chinese people and the hundreds of thousands of athletes, technicians, engineers, architects, secretaries, managers, all the hard working workers, electricians, artists, artists and volunteers from all over the world , who participated in this electrifying event.

Thank you China, thank you for uniting the world and for making us forget, at least for 4:15 hours, that there is still a terrible war going on and to remind us that we are all human, that we all are equal that we all occupy the same land and that we must all work on acceptance of each other and leave all prejudices and hatred ……. until one day we all become one.

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Maria Regalado

Maria Regalado

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