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Blo-judo welcomes unsolicited articles and blog posts. If you are interested in writing for us, please fill out the form below.

There might be a possibility of continuous and ongoing work which can help you build your writing portfolio.

You can write on virtually any related topic that you see on

What we expect from you:

  • Excellent Writing Skills: You must be a skilled writer with an impeccable grasp of grammar/punctuation. You should be able to construct a concise, interesting article without rambling or waffling. Also, we want to see who you are in your writing! We’re looking for writers with a personality and something to say.
  • Dedication and a Good Attitude: We’re not looking for tired, cynical hacks or flakey, fly-by-night contributors. We want people with a real passion for gaming and geek culture. We want people who realize what an opportunity working for HPP is and will grasp it with both hands. You should be able to accept editorial feedback on your work and learn formatting rules quickly. We want to know you have the time and energy to really dedicate yourself to this position.
  • Relevant Skills: Can you find the latest, hottest, most interesting news from around the internet and post it up quickly and comprehensively? Can you write reviews that are informative, opinionated and entertaining? Can you write topical opinion pieces on issues of the day that stir up discussion? Can you come up with fun, informative lists? Are you good at sharing your work to get maximum exposure? Can you make slickly edited, entertaining videos? Could you draw a webcomic for us or create some other form other unique content for the site? Your application should show you have at least one of the above skills.


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    Maria Regalado

    Maria Regalado

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